[SNS PIC] G-Dragon’s 4 Best Angles

Big Bang leader G-Dragon proved that he never keeps things too serious, even while at work.

On May 4, G-Dragon tweeted, “After finishing up the concert, I’m taking selcas” and shared a set of four photos with various striking facial expressions captured in each one. While rocking the flaming reddish hairdo, for the first photo G-Dragon cocked his eyebrow while giving the camera a sly smile. The second top-right shows the leader making an intense expression with his mouth agape. For the bottom-left photo, G-Dragon flips his sunglasses upside down for a bug-eyed look and finally for the last photo G-Dragon makes his best adorable impression of a puffer fish. 

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “The more you get to know G-Dragon, the more you realize what a funny guy he is!”, “Please share more adorable photos like these!” and “I love G-Dragon’s silly side! I wish he’d come back and release another song already! I miss him!”

In related news, G-Dragon has been busy since March on his world tour “One of a Kind” and even pushed through a sprained ankle with the help of his members. By the look of things, seems like his ankle is doing a lot better!