Son Na Eun Suspicious of Taemin’s “No Dating Experience” Claim

A Pink’s Son Na Eun voiced her growing suspicion that SHINee‘s Taemin was not as inexperienced in dating as he had claimed to be.

On May 4, “We Got Married” pretend newlywed couple Son Na Eun and Taemin enjoyed a date playing extreme sports. 

On that day, the two stars openly admitted that they had no prior dating experience. They also told each other that they had never dated a classmate either. However Taemin’s perfect acts of chivalry caused Son Na Eun to be slightly suspicious of his claims.

For example, while Son Na Eun was getting on the boat – Taemin used his jacket to make sure that Son Na Eun didn’t risk a public exposure while wearing a short skirt. And when Son Na Eun’s clothes were getting sprayed by the water flung by the boat, Taemin made sure to use his own clothes so that she’d stay dry.

For her personal interview segment, Son Na Eun expressed her gratitude saying, “I’m really grateful that Taemin looked out for me. But…I also thought, ‘Is this really the first time he’s been on a date?'” 

Viewers who saw Taemin’s adorable acts of chivalry commented, “Usually people who don’t have any dating experience have the best manners”, “I’d have my doubts too, if it were me” and “Son Na Eun and Taemin are so adorable.”