SHINee’s Minho Transforms into a Lovely Girl Yet Again

SHINee member Minho transformed into a lovely girl yet again with the help of a mere wig.

On May 5, Minho along with other celebrities went on a trip with their mothers on KBS2 TV’s “Mamma Mia.” The entire group including MC Lee Young Ja, Park Mi Sun, Minho, comedian Park Kyung Lim, Kim Won Hyo, Kim Young Hee, Ahn Sun Young, Park Eun Young, 2AM member Jung Jinwoon, Infinite member Dongwoo and singer IVY (along with their mothers), made special appearances on this particular episode. 

It was when Park Kyung Lim was talking about her memories as a student while wearing a wig when everyone suddenly suggested that Minho also try it on. 

Minho gladly accepted their request and as soon as he donned the wig, everyone was blown away by his equally beautiful feminine appearance. Lee Young Ja even exclaimed, “I think Minho is even prettier than Park Kyung Lim” causing everyone to laugh. 

Dongwoo also tried on the wig and did some popping moves that further lightened the atmosphere.

Here are some additional photos of Minho dressed as a girl in the past: