PSY Reveals Plans to Release Summer Album in Latest Interview

On May 5, PSY participated in a special “Ask PSY Anything” event online with radio show “Saturday Night Online With Romeo” where he promised to answer questions from fans “directly, easily and honestly.” You can watch the entire segment here on the official website or view the clip below from YouTube! During the Q&A session, PSY revealed that he plans to launch his next album as soon as this summer. 

All questions for PSY were tweeted to “Saturday Night Online” where pre-selected questions were then passed on to PSY for final pickings.

When PSY was asked where he came up with the dance moves for “Gentleman,” he introduced two dance moves called the “Arrogant Dance” and the “Crab Dance.” He also revealed that he was not the original creator of the dance and that the Brown Eyed Girls had taken the Korean nation by storm with it, so he thought it would be a great match for the song. 

PSY was his usual charismatic and frank self throughout the interview and gave refreshingly honest answers to the questions posed to him. For example, when a fan asked, “Do you any pre-concert rituals that get you ready to perform?” he replied, “I smoke a cigarette. Although it’s not allowed indoors, especially in the U.S. – I usually need to take a smoke. But then halfway into my first song, my lungs start to hurt.” 

Watch the rest of the interview here!