Secret’s Song Ji Eun Celebrates Her Birthday With Loved Ones

Secret’s Song Ji Eun is one of a few celebrities with a birthday in May.

On April 5, she posted twice on her Twitter with different photos and messages. 

Her first message reads, “The members and staff unni’s and oppa’s celebrated with a birthday cake at the Inkigayo dressing room. Thank you ㅠㅠ I’m re-energized for the comeback stage now!!”

Hyosung retweets the post and adds, “Happy bday, Ssong Ji. Keke. Eat a lot of birthday bread. keke. Ee-hee.” 

She posts four hours later, “The company employees joke that this photo looks like a doljabi photo. lol. Thanks.” (author’s note: doljabi is the first birthday party in Korea. They imply that she looks like a kid surrounded by lots of presents.)

Hana, previously known as Zinger, congratulated the birthday girl on her Twitter, “Happy bday, Ssong Ji.”