Lee Seung Gi: “I Rarely Get Sleep Due to Filming ‘Gu Family Book’”

Lee Seung Gi reveals his secret in battling fatigue from overnight filming.

On May 5, MBC’s entertainment news program “Section TV- Celebrity Report” snagged an interview with Lee Seung Gi where the reporter asked about his participation in the drama “Gu Family Book.” Lee Seung Gi shares, “I’m currently filming ‘Gu Family Book’ so I rarely get sleep. I drink eel juice and other medicinal drinks.”

He continues, “I went on a diet to better portray the character Choi Kang Chi. I lost weight because Choi Kang Chi is agile and nimble and the response is good. It seems that one has to lose weight.”

He added, “If the ratings go above 25%, I’ll give ‘Section TV- Celebrity Report’ ten separate interviews. If it’s over 30%, I’ll dress up as Choi Kang Chi and sing a song from the drama OST. I hope it comes true.”