FT Island’s Song Seung Hyun Cheers on Rookie Group LC9’s J-Hyo

Song Seung Hyun from idol band FT Island gave a shout out to his friend who just debuted in the new boy group LC9.

On May 5 Song Seung Hyun wrote on his twitter, “Our J-Hyo has finally sorted into team LC9. Jong Hyo, who I used to practice with and has been through a lot, fighting! Please cheer them on!”

J-Hyo is one of the six members (including one of our own Soompier) that make up Nega Network‘s first boy group. The group was original dubbed the “Brown Eyed Boys” and began releasing member teasers on April 26. The group will release one more teaser on May 7 and make their official debut on May 9.