[SNS PIC] Juniel Goes on an Ice Cream Date with Child Actor Lincoln

Singer Juniel recently met up with her biggest fan Lincoln for a special one-on-one date. 

On May 5, Juniel tweeted a photo of the pair along with the caption, “While thinking of my younger days, I met up with this fella and we ate something tasty! Our baby is by far the cutest! We’ll meet up again soon!”

In the photo, Juniel poses next to child actor Lincoln enjoying a scoop of ice cream. The child star has shown great affection for singer Juniel in particular. Photos of adorable Lincoln pressing his cheek up against a screen of Juniel singing and embracing Juniel from behind caught the attention of netizens who couldn’t ignore the most adorable sight of the two. 

Juniel is currently promoting “Pretty Boy” and thanked Lincoln for participating in her comeback stage performance with a cold and sweet delicious treat.