LC9’s Music Video Teaser for MaMa Beat (Feat. Ga In) Revealed!

On May 6 (KST) the music video teaser for LC9’s “MaMa Beat” was revealed. The song features Ga In and her voice can be heard in the teaser! (LC9 had stated in an interview that Ga In joined in on the music video and the making-of film as well) The teaser shows a fight scene going on. It is somewhat reminiscent of scenes from a fighting video game such as Tekken. The new group will officially debut on May 9.

A week before, the group appeared on a UStream interview. For their first live broadcast on May 3, there were more than 1,000 viewers of the broadcast. LC9 is also known as “Brown Eyed Boys.” (Because they are a new boy band group from the same agency as “Brown Eyed Girls.”)