2PM’s Chansung Assures that “Ha.Ni.Bbun” Will Blow Everyone’s Minds Away

Chansung recently expressed confidence in 2PM‘s second, not-yet-revealed title track, “Ha.Ni.Bbun.”

On May 6, Chansung tweeted, “Come back when you hear this song! It’s the run-up to our album. There is still one more fortress remaining. ‘Ha.Ni.Bbun.!’ and “Everyone, remember that there is still one title track that has not been released. Be excited!”

Chansung added, “All of you who came to the ‘2PM Returns‘ come back show already know the ‘Ha.Ni.Bbun’ performance, right? I bet you’re dying to tell but you are holding it in very well.”

He continued, “I know there are people who have seen the ‘Ha.Ni.Bbun.’ performance but no one has seen the music video, right? A new world will come upon you. To the point where you won’t be able to close your mouth? Be excited!”

2PM made their comeback for the first time in two years with their 3rd official album “Grown” and title track, “Come Back When You Hear This Song.”

“Ha.Ni.Bbun.” will be revealed on May 11 when MBC airs the “2PM Returns” comeback show and also will be released through various online music portals.