PSY’s Father Shows Wit and Humor While Receiving Award for PSY

PSY‘s father Park Won Ho received an award for his son’s behalf at the 4th Annual Hong Jin Ki Creative Person’s Awards Ceremony that was held on May 6 in Seoul. PSY was not able to attend due to his overseas promotions.

PSY’s father Park Won Ho commented, “Many of you thought PSY would come but I hope you’re not too disappointed that I came instead,” and “I thank all the fans around the world that showed love to PSY’s music.”

PSY’s father also revealed his nickname to be “NaSsa,” which is short for “na ee deun PSY,” which means “Aged PSY” in English.

Professor Song Ho Geun of Seoul University, who is part of the nomination committee at this awards ceremony commented, “The committee chose PSY for his creative and unique ways of expressing happiness through his body language,” and “PSY broke the barriers between gender, generation, race, and culture through his music.”

Congrats PSY!