Yoo Seung Ho Is Doing Great in Latest Photos From the Military

The pictures are a breath of fresh air for Yoo Seung Ho fans, who are trying their best to patiently wait for his discharge two years later. He previously revealed that he cried after talking to his parents during his training, but it’s great to see that he’s adjusting to the military lifestyle.

The official website of 27th Division Recruit Center was updated on May 4 with two photos of Yoo Seung Ho.

The first picture shows him posing with a victory sign besides other soldiers. He comforts the fans with his content smile and peace sign. In the second picture, he is in the middle of training and follows his commander’s orders.

A few advertisement photos and pictorials of Yoo Seung Ho were released after he started his military service on March 5. After receiving five weeks of basic military training, he was transferred to the 27th Division Recruit Center for more training and his post for his remaining time in duty will be determined in mid-May.