Jo Kwon Transforms into a Navy Officer?

2AM’s Jo Kwon and the military are two images that don’t come to the mind easily. However, as an actor, a picture of Jo Kwon in his naval uniform was shown on the KBS 2TV Monday-Tuesday drama “The Queen of Office.” On the show he portrays a new full-time employee named “Kye Kyung Woo.” For the May 6 episode, a past picture was shown of Kye Kyung Woo.

The picture shows Jo Kwon looking very charismatic in a naval uniform. Unlike his usual image, Jo Kwon looks very manly and charismatic. He also has somewhat cold but serious and piercing eyes.

Kye Kyung Woo’s character in the drama is feminine, because he has 5 sisters that are older than him. The May 6 episode of “The Queen of Office” was the 11th episode of the drama. Stay tuned to for more news about Jo Kwon!