Actress Gong Hyo Jin Suffers from Blushing Disorder After Filming “Crush and Blush”

Recently on KBS Cool FM’s “Kim C’s Music Show,” which aired on May 6, actress Gong Hyo Jin appeared as a special guest.

When asked to choose one of her previous works she thinks she could do better if she did it again, Gong Hyo Jin picked “Crush and Blush (Miss Carrot).” DJ Kim C then asked, “In the movie, the main character had a chronic blushing disorder. Do you also have this problem?”

Gong Hyo Jin answered, “Not at the time. I never used to blush at all. But after filming this movie, I started to blush a little bit whenever I got nervous or anxious. I was so surprised.”

When Kim C asked if it meant that she developed a blushing disorder after “Crush and Blush,” Gong Hyo Jin laughed as she answered, “I think so. I think I now have a blushing disorder. I find it hard to believe too.”