LC9 Requests for 19+ Rating for “MaMa Beat” Music Video

Rookie group LC9 requested for a 19 and over rating for their upcoming music video.

Recently, a teaser for their title track “MaMa Beat” was revealed and showed a little taste of the song, which also features Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain.

LC9’s agency sources commented, “There are some violent scenes in the music video so we had to request for a 19 and over rating,” and “A great action scene that exceeded our expectations has been completed so please continue to show interest.”

Many are very curious as to the scenes that caused the group to ask for this R-rating. The “MaMa Beat” music video will be released on May 9.

LC9 has been garnering a lot of attention for being called the “Brown Eyed Boys” as they are from the same agency as the Brown Eyed Girls. Also, one of the LC9 members is none other than our very own Soompi member!