FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki Reveals His True Personality

FT Island lead singer Lee Hong Ki recently revealed his true personality.

On May 7, Lee Hong Ki attended the press conference for “Passionate Goodbye” at the Konkuk University Lotte Cinema. He described his role in the movie as “an idol singer who encounters tumultuous periods.” He went on, “My character becomes more mature after having to deal with challenging circumstances. My personality is actually the type that tends to get distracted easily and causes mischief, so trying to play someone opposite of that in the drama was very challenging. I’m thankful that everyone was so supportive, despite the fact that I made a lot of mistakes.”

Shim Yi Young who was also present at the press conference shared, “Lee Hong Ki is full of surprises. When he’s off-camera, he’s like an elementary schooler who’s full of mischief. But once the cameras start rolling, he becomes serious and zealous about his performance. I was touched by his enthusiasm.”