PSY is continuing strong with his US promotions as he recently appeared on ABC’s “Live with Kelly and Michael.”

PSY was a guest on “Live with Kelly and Michael” on May 6 where he taught the MCs the “arrogant dance,” which is the key dance to his latest single, “Gentleman.” The MCs were easily able to follow this dance as they commented, “No problem,” with a laugh.

He spoke about the incredible number of hits of his follow-up “Gentleman” music video on YouTube and said, “It hasn’t even been a month so it’s crazy.” He also explained the meaning behind his name and how it comes from the word “psycho.”

PSY arrived in the US on April 25 to officially start his US promotions. He was seen at the Dodgers Stadium as well as NBC’s “Today Show.”

Check out the clip of PSY on “Live with Kelly and Michael” below!