2PM Sends Special Video Message to Fans

2PM has made their long awaited comeback with their third album, “Grown“, and they shared a special video message to their fans to celebrate! The video has English subtitles and was shared through the official JYP Entertainment YouTube channel.

In the video the members greet their fans and thank them for waiting. For this new album each member of 2PM played a special part. Junho and Jun.K composed songs, Chansung wrote lyrics, Taecyeon wrotes raps, Wooyoung had solo song, and Nichkun had a very big part for the first time, although they would not say what the part was.

The members also said that their song, “Comeback When You Hear This Song” was chosen for their fans, especially for making them wait for two years. They also reminded the fans that on June 21 and 22 they will be having a concert in Korea, their first in two years.