2PM to Personally Deliver Autographed Copies of Albums to Fans

And the wonderful promotional events continue for HOTTEST fans!

Starting May 6 through May 19, JYP Entertainment announced that any fan who purchases 2PM‘s entire album online for download may be eligible to receive an autographed CD delivered to them personally by 2PM members. Fans who have registered accounts with the music sites participating in this event will have already provided all the information necessary for the special delivery when they first signed up for membership. This special download event has especially created a lot of excitement for fans, who might have the opportunity to finally meet their favorite stars face-to-face. 

In addition, 2PM has begun their “Ask In A Box” event on the popular music site Melon, where fans can leave questions they’re dying to have answered by the members. Questions that are picked will be answered and recorded in video format. The last day for fans to submit questions will be May 8.