DBSK’s Changmin Uses His Body for Humor!

In South Korea, humor is called “gag.” There are different type of “gags” such as “body gags,” “not funny gags,” “sexy gags,” and etc.

For the May 7 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Our Neighborhood VarietyDBSK’s Changmin sacrificed his usual cool image in order to create some laughs! Changmin did some “body gags” of his own!  

The show “Our Neighborhood Variety” had a bowling competition going on. Before that, Changmin pretended that he had a bowling ball and did a mock throw. He tripped and fell over backwards, making the studio fill up with laughter. Park Sung Ho said of Changmin “You have really learned the right way to do a ‘body gag,’ do you go to an academy or something?”

Then, Kang Ho Dong stated that if Changmin could do a funny “body gag” one more time, that he would be recognized as a prodigy. Changmin did it once more very naturally!

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