Suzy Looks Adorable in “Gu Family Book” BTS Pics

Although miss A’s Suzy plays a tough somewhat tomboyish character on “Gu Family Book,” it looks as though she still finds time to show off her beautiful and signature “aegyo.” (The act of looking cute!) On May 8 JYP Entertainment revealed behind the scene “aegyo” cuts of Suzy at the “Gu Family Book” filming set.

She is merely wearing what looks like a black martial arts robe, but she still manages to look as beautiful as ever!

Suzy plays the character “Dam Yeo Wool” in the drama, and she has a love line with the main character “Gang Chi” that is played by Lee Seung Gi. The drama broadcasts every Monday and Tuesday at 10 pm. (KST) The story revolves around “Gang Chi” who is half-man and half- beast. He is finding a way to become completely human.