Ex-Jewelry Member Lee Ji Hyun Will Become a Mother in October

Recently, it was revealed the former member of group Jewelry Lee Ji Hyun, who got married in March, will become a mother in October.

Her close acquaintance released the news to eNEWS on May 8, “Lee Ji Hyun was already pregnant when she got married. She will be giving birth to her baby this fall. At the time of her wedding, she wanted to be extra careful for the baby. Currently, she is resting at home.”

Lee Ji Hyun met her husband last year at a golf group meeting. After approximately 6 months of dating, they were married on March 24, 2013.

Lee Ji Hyun was a member of a popular group Jewelry between 2001 and 2006. After leaving the group, she began her acting career, appearing on various projects including SBS’s “Good Day to Love” in 2007.