LOEN Entertainment‘s first male group, History, has released the performance version music video of their debut single, “Dreamer,” through LOEN’s official YouTube channel.

History is an “alternative group” that strives to be different from other groups. This handsome group consists of members Song Kyung Il (leader), Na Do Gyoon (main vocal), Kim Si Hyung (rap), Kim Jae Ho (rap and vocal), and Jang Lee Jung (main vocal).

This music video is choreography focused and shows the members singing and dancing on the big “Dreamer” stage. This Britpop song was co-written by K-pop hitmakers: composer Lee Min Soo and songwriter Kim Yee Na. It also features fellow label mate IU in the narration.

You can watch the full music video starring the members of History and Son Dambi here. The group has also released several behind the scenes videos, including their album cover shooting and a self introduction interview.