10cm and Orange Caramel Promotional Video for “Hug Me” Collaboration

10cm and Orange Caramel did an interesting “mock interview” type of promotion for their upcoming collaboration single “Hug Me.” (The song is an original by 10cm released in 2011. It will be released under the title of re:code Episode IV “Hug Me”)

The collaboration single is described as being sweeter than the original single. Also, 10cm nagged and asked to do the collaboration with Orange Caramel. 10cm also stated that their ideal types were Lizzy and Raina. (Poor Nana!)

10cm also joked that Orange Caramel and 10cm has good synergy together because they both do songs that have a bit of sexiness. Throughout the interview, Orange Caramel continued to show off their signature cuteness.

At the end of the teaser/promotional clip you can hear 10cm and Orange Caramel sing “Hug Me.” The song was released on May 9 at noon. (KST)