[SNS Pic] Song Ji Hyo and JYJ Junsu Together!

Wow the two really look adorable together in that picture! Recently a picture of the ever-so-popular Song Ji Hyo and JYJ’s Junsu was released. The picture was released on a representative of C-JeS Entertainment on May 9. The picture was released on JYJ’s Naver Line with the title, “Kim Junsu’s Ballad & Musical.”

The two look adorable together as they are making “V” signs. It is being said that Junsu held a surprise event for Song Ji Hyo. The representative wrote on Naver Line, “We want to reveal a loyalty picture showing the easy-going and cool brother-sister. This is a ‘confirmation shot’ of the waiting room that all of you wanted to see at the end of last year.”

On May 8, the drama “Mandate of Heaven” which stars Song Ji Hyo, featured an OST by Junsu.