Little PSY Talks About Hateful Netizen Comments That Made Him Cry

Hwang Min Woo (Also known as Little PSY), talked about hateful Netizen comments on the May 8 broadcast of SBSOne Night of TV Entertainment.” Hwang Min Woo stated, “When I see hateful Netizen comments it upsets me. I can handle the bad comments about me. However, when the hateful comments began to talk about my mother I started to cry.”

Hwang Min Woo was asked, “After seeing hateful Netizen comments aren’t you scared about going on stage?”

Hwang Min Woo answered, “I am not scared because it is dancing that I enjoy. I think ‘I should try harder.’ Some of the hateful Netizen comments state, ‘You are only good at dancing and not good at studying.’ But they are wrong, I actually study hard. I was even class president once.”

Hwang Min Woo’s father stated, “Minwoo cried. It really upset me as a father. I thought to myself, ‘Did I let him be a celebrity too early?”

The CEO of Hwang Min Woo’s agency stated, “After conducting investigations, another wave of hateful Netizen comments came up that almost froze the homepage. We are planning on taking legal action.”