Park Jung Ah Changes Agencies and Recovering from Thyroid Cancer

Park Jung Ah, actress and former member of girl group Jewelry, announced that she would leave her agency, Star Empire. The actress and her former agency were said to have ended on good terms, especially since she had been with the company since she was a trainee fourteen years ago. 

The agency wrote on their message board, “Park Jung Ah has moved to a new place and taken a step into a bigger place.” The bigger place would be WM Company, also home to actor Park Hae Jin. “It was not an easy decision to make and it feels like giving away a daughter to marriage.”

As Park Jung Ah moved to her new agency, she also made another announcement. A representative of WM Company said in a statement, “Park Jung Ah was diagnosed with thyroid cancer earlier this week. Although surgery was not immediately necessary, she decided to undergo it for the sake of future activities. She is now recovering after a simple surgery.”

Park Jung Ah wrapped up filming for her role on “My Daughter Seo Young” in March. After a trip in Spain she is now currently planning roles in two Chinese dramas.