T-ara N4 Receives Love Call from Chris Brown

On May 11, Core Contents Media revealed that T-ara member Dani had personally known Chris Brown since her elementary school days and that the famous U.S. singer had expressed interest in producing something with the girls. 

Core Contents Media went on to say, “Through PSY, Chris Brown became interested in working with Korean singers. He has known about T-ara for sometime now, thanks to YouTube. When Dani showed Chris Brown T-ara N4‘s music video for ‘Countryside Diaries,’ he said he definitely wanted to work with the girls and invited them to the United States.”

It was also announced that T-ara N4 will be catching the next plane to Los Angeles, California to meet Chris Brown on May 12. Chris Brown will also be taking a plane to Los Angeles from San Jose after performing at a concert. The two parties will be meeting up to discuss music and the possibility of collaborating together.

In related news, Dani is traveling back and forth between the U.S. and Korea to practice choreography and rap.