[SNS PIC] G-Dragon Commits First Fashion Faux Pas?

On May 10, G-Dragon tweeted a censored photo with the caption, “It’s just scandalous. Looks like I don’t have any pants on- so I just censored it.”

In the photo, G-Dragon appears to be wearing short-shorts that are easily concealed by a thick red line running across the photo. He also sports another eclectic outfit consisting of a multi-colored plaid shirt, black jacket, white cap and shorts that come ride way past his mid-thighs. The fashion forward K-Pop icon appears to have had second thoughts about his wardrobe of choice that day, namely the hidden shorts.

Netizens who saw the tweet commented, “G-Dragon is so cute”, “Aw, you didn’t have to censor it- I’m sure the pants were fine” and “After censoring it, it looks even more explicit.” 

In related news, G-Dragon is performing in Taiwan as part of his solo world tour “One of a Kind” this weekend. Stay tuned for our recap of the concert!