[SNS PIC] 2AM’s Seulong Celebrates His 26th Birthday

On May 11, 2AM member Jo Kwon shared photos on his Instagram account from a small birthday party the rest of the crew threw for their beloved member Seulong! The star who was born on May 11, 1987 is now 26 years old and enjoyed a casual birthday party with the rest of the 2AM members.

In one photo, adorable Seulong can’t hide his joy as he takes in the beautifully -lit birthday cake. In the second photo, Seulong can be seen posing next to his fellow members Jo Kwon, Changmin and Jinwoon. Jinwoon attempts what appears to be an X-men Wolverine pose while Jo Kwon clutches a Spongbob doll and Changmin makes a kissy face. 

In recent news, 2AM’s Seulong collaborated with renown DJ AVICII to launch a Korean version of the famous song “Levels.”