2AM’s Jo Kwon and Rainbow’s Oh Seung Ah Look Beautiful in Wedding Pictorial

Recently on her me2day on May 7, Rainbow’s Oh Seung Ah uploaded two photos along with a message, “I did a wedding photoshoot with 2AM’s Jo Kwon~ What do you think? Do we look good together~??”

She also added, “One more cut~! We took pictures at the popular tourist places in Seoul~~ Doesn’t my dress look pretty against the beautiful background?”

In the photos Oh Seung Ah is wearing a stunning wedding dress and Jo Kwon is wearing a tuxedo. In the first picture, they are posing confidently with serious expressions, while in the second photo, they are smiling happily. With their gorgeous looks, Oh Seung Ah and Jo Kwon look like a real couple.

Fans who saw these pictures admired, “They look great together” and “I would love to see more photos.”