New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 May Week 2

2PM Vol. 3 – Grown (May 13)

01 All Day I Think of You
02 Come Back When You Hear This Song
03 Back to Square One
04 I’m Sorry
05 One Day Starting from Today
06 Dangerous
07 Just Today
08 Game Over
09 Coming Down
10 Go Back
11 Love Song
12 Suddenly

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2PM makes a comeback after two years more mature than ever with their third album, “Grown.” There are a total of twelve songs with two title tracks, “All Day I Think of You” and “Come Back When You Hear This Song.” It is known that 2PM members, Junho, Jun.K, personally took part in songwriting while Chansung was responsible for penning lyrics. Member, Taecyeon also took part in rap making in six different songs.

Vibe Vol. 5 – Organic Sound (May 15)

01 Even If I Age
02 Really Want To Meet Once
03 The Day the Woman I Trusted Is Getting Married
04 You Should’ve Married and Lived Well
05 4u (feat. Lim Se Jun)
06 Stay Up All Night
07 Apgujung Exit 4 (feat. Lyn)
08 Those Under 19, Please Don’t Listen to this Song (feaet. Miiii)
09 Spring Showers
10 I Hate Mama

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Vibe releases a new album after three years with, “Organic Sounds.” The title track this time around is “Even If I Age,” a simple, yet original song with lyrics penned by member, Ryu Jae Hyun.

Lee Hyori (single) – Miss Korea (released)

01 Miss Korea

Lee Hyori is back! The singer releases single, “Miss Korea” in midst of her fifth album release, three years since her last. The song was composed and penned by the singer himself and holds lyrics about women who live everyday uncertain about the future and constantly worry about how others see them. The song has more of an acoustic vibe than her usual hip-hop, dance style, making this song all the more anticipated.

Orange Caramel/10cm (single) – Hug Song (released)

01 Hug Song
02 Hug Song INST

Indie group, 10cm and pop sensation, Orange Caramel have come together for a collaboration single, “Hug Song.” This re-arranged love song has a guitar melody with string and brass sounds. Fans are expected to like the ending in particular, when Orange Caramel’s Lizzy says, “Hug Me” in a lovable manner.

Kim Bo Kyung (single) – Love Over (released)

01 Love Over
02 Love Over INST

Kim Bo Kyung returns with a brand new single, “Love Over.” It is a ballad with piano and dramatic orchestral accompaniment. Anyone can relate to the lyrics which are about breaking up with a lover. The song was composed, penned, and produced by the “Night & Day” producing team.

As One (single) – Love is Awkward (released)

01 Love is Awkward

R&B group, As One comes before fans one year later with a new single, “Love is Awkward.” It is an acoustic, soul number with a beautiful melody. It holds lyrics about a couple who slowly and cautiously come together.

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