Kim Jong Guk Reveals His Perfect Six-Pack

On the recent episode of JTBC’s “Hidden Singer,” singer and entertainer Kim Jong Guk appeared to compete against five impersonators who claimed to be able to imitate his singing.

Before the game began, Kim Jong Guk announced confidently, “I will not lose even one round to any of these five singers.” He promised that if he lost, he would reveal his six pack abs.

During the second round, however, Kim Jong Guk lost all his confidence as one of the impersonators beat him with his own song “Walking in One Spot.” He stated, “This is crazy.”

Then, as he promised, Kim Jong Guk lifted his shirt to show his abs, impressing everyone at the set.

Netizens that saw this episode admired, “Amazing abs,” “Kim Jong Guk is known to be an exercise addict, so this is not surprising at all.”