Secret’s Hyosung Thinks Sunhwa Should Date a Younger Man

Recently on May 11, Secret’s Jun Hyosung and Han Sunhwa appeared as special guests on KBS Radio Cool FM’s “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio.” 

During the show, Hyosung was asked to pick one member from her group she would least likely to introduce to an older brother if she had one. Hyosung chose Sunhwa, and explained, “When I watched the show ‘We Got Married,’ I realized that Sunhwa is very good at managing guys. I think a younger man would suit Sunhwa better than an older man.”

To this, Sunhwa stated, “But what you saw on that show was the way I am with Kwanghee oppa. If I met another guy, I would act differently. I was a good friend with Kwanghee oppa even before the show, and because he is the type that likes to be praised, I acted more motherly and caring to him.”

Meanwhile during this program, Hyosung was picked as the member who talks the most about men.