2PM’s Junho Reveals That He Previously Fractured His Spine

2PM member Junho revealed that he is currently in rehab for fracturing his spine. 

On the May 12 broadcast of “Comeback Show 2PM Returns” the members of 2PM showed their matured performances and shared their honest stories as they prepared to comeback to Korea after two years.

In the episode Junho shared, “I wanted to properly learn acrobatics so I studied it. Once I fell from two meters and lost consciousness for about two minutes. The others were worried I wouldn’t be able to dance.”

He explained, “I had landed on my left arm and torn my cartilage. Not long after we had a rehearsal for a concert in China but I couldn’t keep up with the choreography. We went to the hospital and found out that I had fractured my spine.”

“The next day was the concert,” Junho continued his story. ” There was nothing we could do so I was on a wheelchair the entire concert. I only stood to sing.”

When asked if he ever thought he would not be able to dance again, he answered, “If I couldn’t dance, I would have to quit this job. I thought about what I would need to do to not hurt myself or to do well. It was always enjoyable so I didn’t want to quit.” 

Junho is still recovering from his injury. “I got a lot better but I still have to go through rehabilitation.”

2PM recently released their third album “Grown” on May 11 and released the music video for “All Day I Think of You.” Their comeback show received a rating of 2.7%.