SHINee’s Minho and Secret’s Sunhwa Share an Indirect Kiss on “Dream Team”

It doesn’t really count but Secret‘s Han Sunhwa and SHINee‘s Minho shared an indirect kiss on an episode of “Dream Team.”

On the May 12 episode of “Dream Team Season 2” the four promoting members of SHINee and comedian No Woo Jin, who was Jonghyun‘s replacement, competed against a female soccer team. 

In the show the celebrities and the soccer team played a competitive game of face soccer, a “Dream Team” favorite. In the same, Sunhwa, who was on SHINee’s team, trapped the ball with her mouth and then passed it to Minho who took it in his mouth. Their indirect kiss caused a lot of screaming from his fans in the soccer team. 

With any other male celebrity, suspicions could have been raised that it was done on purpose but knowing Choi Minho, Dream Team’s Ace, he probably just really wanted to win. 

In the same episode, SHINee danced with their fans and Onew showed his gentlemanly manners