T-ara N4 Releases “Countryside Diaries” Dance Explanation Video

T-ara N4 released an interesting video explaning the different dances in “Countryside Diaries.” They explained that there is a “rice-planting dance,” “rabbit dance,” and “ding-ga ding-ga dance.” They went through each dance slowly and explained how to do each one.

“Countryside Diaries” is produced by “Double Sidekick.” It is a dance song with hip-hop elements that is aimed to appeal to people of all ages. The song talks about the suffocating nature of everyday life.

T-ara N4 means “T-ara Brand New 4.” The name means that T-ara is going to restart fresh and new. (They are starting brand new, moving away from the previous scandals regarding the departure of ex-member Hwayoung) They will be going for a new unique concept for their style.