Yong Junhyung Talks About Goo Hara at “Monstar” Press Conference

BEAST‘s Yong Jun Hyung spoke about his feelings about the break-up with his ex-girlfriend, Goo Hara of Kara, for the first time.

On May 13, Yong Jun Hyung attended the press conference for the tvN and Mnet music drama, “Monstar.” During the press conference, a reporter asked, “Wasn’t it hard after your break-up?” To that, Yong Jun Hyung answered, “I’m doing fine.”

He continued, “Just like it’s been reported, we decided to remain as close friends,” and “I hope you all don’t think I’m suffering a lot or anything.”

He also added, “We met recently at the Dream Concert. We’re doing fine as close colleagues.”

Yong Jun Hyung then moved on to talk about “Monstar” and his first time acting. He said, “It was hard and I had a lot of pressure when I first started. I was worried since it was my first time acting, others could feel pressured because of me and think of me negatively. But the staff members and the cast members helped me a lot and gave me compliments too. So now, I am acting comfortably.”

When asked if he received advice from other BEAST members who already tried acting such as Yoon Doo Joon and Lee Ki Kwang, he answered, “They didn’t really give me much advice. We’re not really the types to ask each other for anything.”

Yong Jun Hyung continued, “We worked on the BEAST album while I was filming this drama so I was worried that I might bring down either project but the BEAST members comforted me a lot and if I had to leave for the drama, they would let me record first and let me go.”

“Monstar” is a 12 episode music drama about teens who grow and heal through music. The characters experience love, friendship and dreams along with music in a warm atmosphere.

The pilot episode of “Monstar” will air on May 17.