SHINee’s Minho Spotted on University Campus

The handsome Minho of SHINee was spotted at Kun Kook University while filming for an advertisement for the school.

On May 13, a post was made on an online community forum with the title, “SHINee’s Minho Spotted Today at Kun Kook” along with several photos.

In the photos, Minho was seen posing around various locations at his school. He is currently enrolled in the Film Studies major at Kun Kook University and was reported to be filming for a school advertisement.

Minho sported a comfortable campus style with a cardigan, letterman jacket and khaki pants. He posed in vairoius locations such as in front of the library, a classroom, a lake and more.

Meanwhile, SHINee is currently promoting “Why So Serious” by making many TV appearances.