[SNS PIC] Wonder Girls’ Hye Lim Reveals Her Healthy Diet

Wonder Girls’ Hye Lim recently revealed her diet.

On May 13, Hye Lim tweeted, “Let’s make a habit of eating healthy” along with a photo.

Hye Lim shared a photo that shows her healthy diet, which could easily make viewers see how she lost so much weight. The meal consisted of a
salad with cucumbers and other healthy greens, chicken breast for protein and kiwis for vitamins.

Hye Lim has been noticed for her recent weight loss and this photo certainly shows her hard work and effort in staying fit.

Netizens who came across the photo commented, “You can’t not lose weight with that kind of diet,” “How can you endure through the dancing and all with just this?” “I thought Hye Lim got really pretty these days and I guess it was because of her hard effort,” “Realized once again that not anyone can become a girl group member,” “Just looking at it makes me feel healthy,” and more.

Meanwhile, Hye Lim is busy DJ-ing for the EBS radio show, “English Go Go” for the K-Pop corner.