4minute’s Jiyoon Covers Anna Kendrick’s Cup Song

Jiyoon from 4minute revealed a neat trick she learned in a video through the official United Cube YouTube channel.

In the video, Jiyoon does a cover of Anna Kendrick‘s “Cup Song” or “When I’m Gone” from the movie “Pitch Perfect.” This simple video shows Jiyoon sitting on the floor and singing the song while keeping beat with what looks like a Starbucks cup.

Jiyoon and the other members of 4minute recently celebrated their win with HyunA in the hospital. Their company also released a special video featurette of 4minute, BEAST, and the other Cube artists for their concert.

You can also watch Ann Kendrick singing the same song on David Letterman below. The American actress also co-starred in a hilarious video with f(x) for the humor site Funny or Die.