SHINee Teaches Their “Why So Serious” Choreography in Newest Episode of “Let’s Dance”

SHINee was featured in the latest episode of Loen TV’s “Let’s Dance” series, and showed off several choreography points for their song “Why So Serious.”

While SHINee’s choreography usually looks impressively complicated, they break it down into several short parts to teach. 

 If you have watched any of SM’s past dance practices, you should easily recognize the location as being in the famous cloud dance practice room.

 In lesson 1 Key and Taemin show off the “Zombie Dance.” Onew and Minho show how to do the “Engine Dance.” The four members show off the final “Staggering Dance” before putting it all together in the end.

Check out their most recent performance of the song from Inkigayo this past weekend.