G-Dragon’s Fans Donates Rice to 247 Children’s Centers

Rice wreath company Dreame announced on May 13, “We have donated all 9.91 tons of rice G-Dragon received at his concert to 247 local children’s centers across the country through the Love Aid Foundation as he asked us to do. Each children’s center received about 40 kg of rice. “

Previously on March 30 and 31, G-Dragon received numerous celebratory rice wreaths from his fans all over the world congratulating him on hosting “2013 G-Dragon World Tour: One of a Kind.” These rice wreaths come from thousands of G-Dragon’s fans from 14 countries, including Korea, USA, UK, Japan, China, Peru, Ecuador, Russia, France, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Chile, and the Philippines.

In total, G-Dragon received 9.91 tons of rice, which makes up approximately 500 rice wreaths (20kg each). 9.91 tons of rice could feed nearly 82,000 children simultaneously at once.