Baek Ji Young Shares Reason For Not Revealing Pregnancy Until Now

Baek Ji Young shared her reason for not revealing her pregnancy until now.

Baek Ji Young’s agency WS Entertainment officially announced on May 14, “When Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won announced their wedding plans last month, they knew about her pregnancy. At the time, Baek Ji Young was going to reveal her pregnancy but the agency was worried about the people’s reactions about it so we denied it.”

They continued, “A pregnancy is very personal and needs a lot of care. Especially since Baek Ji Young is at her early stages of pregnancy at a fairly late age, she needs to take extra precaution. So we were worried that netizens would make hateful comments and scar the couple.”

They also revealed that Baek Ji Young wanted to reveal her pregnancy to her fans during her solo concert on May 11. But when Jung Suk Won came on stage for a surprise proposal event, she lost her timing to do so.

The agency went on, “The couple wanted to reveal this news at the actual wedding on June 2 but since the news was suddenly revealed through an acquaintance, Baek Ji Young is very upset.”

They continued, “Even before feeling the miracle, joy and responsibility of a new life, Baek Ji Young is suffering from the hateful comments and excessive attention,” and “Since all of those things can be poisonous to the heart, especially at the most important, early stages of her pregnancy, we ask that you refrain from making hateful comments.”

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Baek Ji Young is currently nine weeks pregnant and she is preparing for her wedding with Jung Suk Won in June.