Ceo “C” Will Not Drop Lawsuit Against Park Shi Hoo

It is not quite over for Park Shi Hoo. On May 9 it was announced that “A” and Park Shi Hoo would drop their charges against each other, but the actor failed to reach a compromise with CEO “C” and that lawsuit will continue.

In February, “A” sued Park Shi Hoo and another actor for rape. Park Shi Hoo admitted to having sexual relations but denied the charge of rape, and then  sued “A”, her friend “B”, and Park Shi Hoo’s previous CEO “C” for false charges and slander.  Ceo “C” then counter sued Park Shi Hoo for false charges and slander. 

It is said that Park Shi Hoo’s lawyers tried to contact CEO “C” by phone to reach a compromise and drop their lawsuits against each other. 

A representative of “C” side said, “We will receive an official apology. It is true that we talked to Park Shi Hoo’s lawyers over the phone. However, we have no intentions to drop the lawsuit. We need an apology first from Park Shi Hoo for accusing CEO ‘C’ for being behind ‘A’.” 

Looks like Park Shi Hoo’s lawsuit troubles won’t go down easily.