LC9 Surprises Fans With Roses for “Rose Day”

Rookie boy group LC9 is doing the right thing if they want to win the hearts of female fans!

May 14 is known as “Rose Day” in Korea and the boys of LC9 decided to celebrate the special event with fans and, why not?, brighten up the moods of the girls around them. Who doesn’t like receiving roses (from a K-Pop star)?

A group of female fans were waiting around outside for a music program to start when the members of LC9 went up to them and personally handed out roses.

A number of fans took pictures and uploaded them online to the envy of other female netizens. “Ah, wish I was there too,” “So it was Rose Day, huh. Jealous of the bouquet!” “They received roses from LC9? Lucky..”

Meanwhile, LC9 made its official debut on May 9 with the album “Skirmish.” The group made an unprecedented move by asking for a 19+ rating for the music video of title track “MaMa Beat.” They’re also receiving interest from the public because of their potential to shake up the industry as the male counterpart of labelmates “Brown Eyed Girls.”