Core Contents Media’s Official Homepage Got Hacked Because of T-Ara’s Jiyeon?

Core Contents Media, the home to girl group T-Ara and duo Davichi among a few others, revealed that the company’s homepage is down because it got hacked.

An official from the company commented, “The homepage got hacked on May 15 and currently it’s down so no one can access it.” Before it got completely shut down, a netizen screen captured the homepage revealing a female in a video that looks similar to T-Ara’s Jiyeon.

The person continued, “Still haven’t found who caused this, but we filed a report to Gangnam Police Station and are currently waiting for the results.”

Several netizens pondered through the comment section, “Core Contents Media hacking.. wonder if it’s to harrass T-Ara,” “Is it because of T-Ara’s Jiyeon?” “It’s surprising that the agency’s homepage got hacked.”