Tony An Keeps Answers Short When Asked About Hyeri During Press Conference

Tony An (35) kept his answers short and curt when asked about his girlfriend, Hyeri (19) of Girl’s Day.

On May 15, the press conference for a new MBC variety program, “Final Adventure” was held. During the event, a reporter asked how Tony felt about dating Hyeri and Tony answered, “That has nothing to do with this program so I have nothing to tell you.” Then, singer Jo Sung Mo, who was sitting next to Tony, answered, “He probably feels good about it,” which made everyone laugh.

The reporter asked again, “Did Hyeri give you any messages of support when you had to leave overseas to record for this program?” Tony again answered shortly, “That’s just a secret between us.”

Tony then spoke about his H.O.T. fans by saying, “I am keeping a good relationship with my fans. I had a fan meeting not too long ago and it was really good seeing them for the first time in a while. There are no problems between me and my fans. I am always thankful to them and nothing has changed.”

“Final Adventure” will have Kim Sung Joo as its MC.The rest of the cast includes Tony An, Jo Sung Mo, ZE:A‘s Jung Hee Chul, actor Ryu Tae Joon, Jung Ga Ram, Hwang In Young, Lee Bon, Julien Kang, model Han Hye Jin, Ryu Seol Mi, soccer coach Yoo Sang Chul, wrestling coach Shim Kwon Ho, synchronized swimming coach Jang Yoon Kyung, and ex-soccer player Kim Joo Kyung.

The show is about seven paired teams who go on a survival race in Thailand and the Nothern Mariana Islands. They will be given a variety of missions to test their teamwork, knowledge, guts, and physical abilities. The pilot episode will air on June 14 in place of “Dancing With The Stars 3.”