Secret Releases Dance Lesson for “YooHoo”

On May 15, Secret released a video showing how to do the choreography for “YooHoo.” Secret explained each of the “point dances.” They explained the “What Should I Do Dance,” “Jjangu Dance,” and “Hip-Up Dance.”

Secret came back with their fourth mini album “Letter From Secret” on April 30. “YooHoo” was their title song. “YooHoo” is an exciting synth pop dance track with cute lyrics about falling in love. With this song Secret has gone back to their cute concept! Check out the video below, and make sure you try out the dance for yourself!

(The explanation in the clip reads: [SECRET’s “YooHoo” Point Choreography Lesson!] “Yoohoo”~ A fun dance time with SECRET! SECRET with their happy virus tells us the choreography for “YooHoo.” Point choreography lesson, Let’s Dance!)