[Gallery] Tiffany Looks Stunning for 1st Look

Girls’ Generation Tiffany appeared in the 1st Look photoshoot released on May 16. The photoshoot was taken at California. Tiffany was able to give off her energetic charms through lively expressions and poses. The concept of the photoshoot was “Sensible California Look.” Tiffany also showed off her sexiness.

For the 1st Look interview, Tiffany talked about the LA Dodgers ceremonial first pitch she threw, “I was nervous. I’m not a baseball player and I had a lot of fun, it was a fun experience. It was an honorable opportunity to show South Korea’s pride. I asked Ryu Hyun Jin if I could sing the Korean national anthem instead of doing a ceremonial first pitch. I thought I would be less nervous if I sang.”

Check out the pictures below!

Here are Tiffany’s photos from her 1st Look photoshoot back in August, 2012.